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How Wolfpack Helped
Khebrah Create A More Robust Online Community For It's Experts and Consumers?


About Khebrah

Khebrah is a renowned app or an online community for domain experts explicitly designed for people in the Middle East region. The app was launched in 2019 and has quickly gained a large following due to its unique features developed with our team’s support and expertise. It allows its customers to connect themselves seamlessly with domain experts and help them design strategies, make consultations and ask for solutions from the experts in exchange for mutually agreed compensation. The app is primarily developed in the Arabic language but is also available in English for its diversified user base.

Wolfpack has helped develop the app from scratch and has made use of some of the best and very reliable tools and tech to cater to every consumer in the market.














Technological Restrictions of Existing Platforms

Before collaborating with Wolfpack, Khebrah faced several challenges with its existing website. The previous platform’s technological stack was out-of-date and lacking in functionality for contemporary online apps. Due to this restriction, Khebrah found it difficult to remain competitive and provide its users with the newest features. The website’s technological restrictions also hindered them from providing its audience with a smooth user experience. With its tech restrictions, Khebrah also had limited its scalability and flexibility which might also have obstructed its performance in the near future.

Khebrah was able to get around these restrictions and give its audience a flawless and interesting user experience by working with Wolfpack and creating a brand-new website from scratch.


Use of Highly Versatile and Scalable Tech Stack

The approach used by Wolfpack and Khebrah to address the issues with their current platform will be described below. In addition to outlining the essential features and capabilities created to provide a smooth user experience for language learners and experts on the platform, it will discuss the methodology adopted by Wolfpack to design a new website employing cutting-edge technology and industry best practices. The part will also highlight how the new website has contributed to Khebrah’s expansion and success.

Wolfpack’s decision to use Vue.js as the frontend tool and Django as the backend tool has been instrumental in the success of the Khebrah website. Vue.js’s lightweight, easy-to-understand, flexible, and reactive components, along with comprehensive documentation and a supportive community, helped create a fast, visually appealing, and productive website. Django’s scalability, security, and fast development, coupled with its flexibility, enabled the team to build unique solutions tailored to Khebrah’s specific requirements. Overall, the combined strengths of Vue.js and Django played a critical role in achieving the desired outcomes for the Khebrah website.


Wolfpack’s industry expertise was impeccable!






Wolfpack’s decision to use Vue.js as the frontend tool for developing the Khebrah website has contributed significantly to the success of the project


Django’s contribution to the success of the Khebrah website cannot be overstated. Wolfpack’s decision to use Django as the backend tool was a strategic move that played a crucial role in achieving the desired outcomes.


Wolfpack is humbled to have contributed to Khebrah’s website’s success. We were able to add to the platform’s engaging and user-friendly experience by integrating crucial functionalities. The following are some of the key features that Wolfpack built for Khebrah’s website

Video Calling integration

Customers may make crystal-clear video calls to the experts because of Wolfpack’s integration of Agora’s video calling technology into the Khebrah website. Agora is a top-of-the-line real-time communication platform that provides APIs for video, voice, and live streaming.

Custom Calendar

Wolfpack developed a custom calendar system from scratch, similar to Calendly, that allows users to book slots for appointments with other users. The Custom calendar can be integrated with Google calendar and Microsoft Calendar of the domain experts and blocks manages their free slots accordingly. If the expert has scheduled any meeting on his Google calendar, our calendar would automatically remove the free slots for booking at that time.

Integration of Push Notifications

Wolfpack integrated push notification technology into the Khebrah website, enabling users to receive real-time updates about messages, appointments, and other important events. The users have the option to get notifications on their E-mail, Whatsapp and via SMS.

Multilingual Website

The website was primarily designed for the Middle Eastern audience and the primary language of the website is Arabic. But to cater to other customers, it is also written in English. This is done to promote inclusivity within the Middle-Eastern Audience of Khebrah.

Direct Messaging

We added a direct messaging option to the Khebrah website to make it easier for learners and customers and experts to communicate with one another. This function enhances the process by enabling customers to receive individualised advice from subject matter experts.

Customer Review System

Wolfpack implemented a review tool that lets users score and comment on their interactions with specific experts in order to ensure the calibre of language experts on the site. This function aids in maintaining a high level of expertise on the platform and lets learners choose an expert with knowledge.

Wolfpack’s expertise and technical prowess were instrumental in building the Khebrah website’s key features, enabling the platform to deliver a highly optimized and user-friendly experience. With the integration of video calling, messaging, calendar, and push notifications, our team has ensured that the website is highly engaging and easy to use for customers. We have made use of top-of-the-line technologies to make sure that the website is versatile and scalable and can be modified in future easily.


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