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How Wolfpack Helped
The Music Therapy App Mishi To Scale
It's Target Market With Flutter


About Mishi

Mishi is an app which provides its users with a range of therapeutic music varieties and motion visualisations. The primary objective of the application is to help individuals achieve their mental, physical and emotional goals.

The app is available both on Android and IOS Stores and can be easily downloaded on your smartphone in a single click. The user can seamlessly dive into the therapeutic experience with over 13 categories of music and a variety of motion visualizations for a more immersive venture.














Limited Scalability Options with Native App Development

It is pertinent for us to understand that Mishi was initially built upon Swift using Native app development. In the beginning, the app was released only for iOS users and had a limited audience. Their objective to tap into the larger markets was cut short because of this IOS-exclusivity feature. We, the Wolfpack team, joined hands with Mishi and decided to make it available for Android users, desktops, smart TVs, etc.

It’s crucial for startups to consider the costs and advantages before making a decision because native app development can potentially be more time – and money – consuming than alternative app development methods. Hence, Mishi was unable to get into other devices and its consumer base became limited and scaling up became much more difficult for the organization.


Omnichannel App Development with Flutter

With limited scalability opportunity and limited target audience, It became critical for us to change the design language from Swift to Flutter so that the application can become compatible with all smartphones – be it Android or IOS.

The shift to Flutter was an easy choice because the base code of the application was kept the same and our team did not have to write the codes for the application all over again. Other than this, there were a lot of other benefits and reasons as well which helped us to make this decision.

The following were the benefits of using Flutter instead of Native app development

Cross-Platform Development

When compared to utilising Native App development to create separate apps for each device, Flutter enabled us to write code once and execute it across many platforms including iOS, Android, and the web.

Faster Development

With features like hot reload, Flutter’s quick development cycle enabled our team to observe changes in real time, which helped hasten the development process

Large and Growing Community

With a sizable and expanding developer community, Flutter has access to a multitude of tools and plugins as well as a thriving environment for support and cooperation. This came to our advantage when we had to install over 30 plugins on the apps to help our team to host the programs.

Customizable and Beautiful UIs

With the help of Flutter’s comprehensive collection of programmable widgets, our developers had constructed an appealing, responsive, and contemporary user interface.

Access to Third-Party Libraries

When opposed to developing unique solutions from scratch, Flutter provides access to a large choice of third-party libraries and plugins, which saved our time and efforts.


We were impressed with wolfpack's attention to detail and ability to provide suggestions for better technical solutions.







Customizing the Audio Player

One of the challenges faced by Mishi during the transition was the lack of a built-in audio player in Flutter that could play multiple sound tracks simultaneously. One of the USPs of Mishi is that it can play various tracks simultaneously and achieving this was a challenge when it came to Flutter. To overcome this challenge, wolfpack customized the existing audio player and our team had to develop our own audio player to make this happen.

Delays on Android UI

Another challenge was that each Android devices have their own UI and software, which could result in delays in the tracks. To resolve this issue, our team implemented a solution where the music is downloaded in the background while the song is playing. Initially, the app downloads 30% of the music, and then plays the music for the user while downloading the rest of the song in the background- which in turn, reduces the wait time for the user.


Multiple Tracks Playing Simultaneously

Mishi now allows users to play multiple sound tracks simultaneously on a single device, providing a unique and seamless music streaming experience. The volumes of every track can be controlled by the end user according to his/her wish.

Customisable Music Compositions

Users can now customize their own music using different compositions, allowing them to create a personalized soundtrack. There are a variety of rejuvenating sounds and relaxing music available on the app. The user can merge various tracks and create a track of their own according to their own preferences.

Crypto Login

Along with the mainstream login options Mishi also offers Metamask login providing users with added security and convenience.

Motion Videos

Mishi now features motion videos, providing an immersive experience for users and enhancing the overall look and feel of the app. The motion visuals are another way of getting alleviated along with the music which helps the customers to get more absorbed and immersed.


The advantage of Flutter is that any future changes that need to be made to the app will require lesser operational time. Our team will not have to separately make changes for different UI interfaces (Android, IOS, desktop, etc.), rather they will have to do it once as Flutter is compatible with every one of them.

Introduction of NFTs

Mishi will introduce a range of ‘Music in Motion’ NFTs which will provide the consumers with ownership of that particular soundtrack and motion visuals. These NFTs are specially handcrafted for the best experience and also a great way of supporting the genuine artists behind them. Purchasing from ‘Music in Motion’ will also make the consumers liable for lifetime membership of the Mishi app and its features.

Launch of More Apps

Mishi can launch similar apps with different niches, but now they would have a technical advantage. They can use the same base code which was used for Mishi to develop their latest apps which will significantly reduce their development time. Some of the apps which they are planning to release are Chakra Balance,Dream Seeker, Lofifox, etc.

Leveraging Different Platforms

Mishi is also planning to launch its web app, desktop and Smart TV app which will help the users to access the apps across all the platforms.

The transition from Swift to Flutter was a challenging but  rewarding experience for Mishi. With the added features and enhancements, the app now provides a more seamless and enjoyable music streaming experience for users. Wolfpack is proud to have played a role in this transition and we are excited to see the impact it will have on the music-streaming industry.


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