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Headless Commerce Development

We leverage the headless architecture to create the content-first, experience-led, multi-channel, and super-scalable e-commerce solutions.

Create an immersive shopping experience with Headless

At Wolfpack, we power your e-commerce with headless architecture giving customers an immersive, omnichannel and personalized shopping experience.

Headless commerce gives your brand unlimited customizations, a faster time-to-market, and a more differentiated customer journey. Headless lets you decouple the frontend of your online store from the backend machinery, giving you the freedom to simultaneously run multiple stores across various front-end solutions and devices.

Make the most of headless commerce with the 🐺 wolves

With top-of-the-line headless ecommerce development, we build content-driven, experience-led solutions for lifestyle, direct-to-consumer (DTC), and influencer and native-advertising brands.

Personalized Customer Experiences to Maximize Conversions

Headless commerce centralizes content and delivers it anywhere via API, enabling much faster delivery than traditional eCommerce resulting in a better customer experience. With customer data at your fingertip, personalize purchase recommendations, promotions, and browsing options for a specific channel in order to create more relevant offers and increase conversion rates.

Ease of Integrations

Since the user experience is decoupled from the backend, headless broadens how you can use the data and integrate to any platform.

Omnichannel experience

E-commerce brands can offer unified customer experiences with headless, which centralize all customer data and provide a comprehensive API layer that incorporates commerce into any customer interaction.

Rapid Experimentation

Headless is best suited for rapid experiments such as launching new offerings or features, testing various promotions and discounts, experimenting with different page layouts, and creating more engaging user experiences without making changes in the backend systems.


Owing to the flexibility offered by headless, brands can go to market faster even if customer preferences change overnight.

Marketer friendly

In comparison to a conventional CMS, headless commerce enables marketers to build digital experiences more quickly and affordably across all channels.

Pick the elite technology for your headless commerce

To utilize the full potential, your e-commerce should be backed with the right headless tools and technology. Our team is well-equipped with the top-notch technology stack to create seamless shopping experiences that pique your customers’ interest across all digital touch-points.

Headless Commerce Tools

The expertise of our team spans ReactJS, VueJS, NextJS, Gastby, Vue Storefront, Hydrogeny by Shopify, PWA Studio by Adobe Commerce (Magento) and more

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Headless Commerce Providers

Foray into the world of Headless eCommerce with best Headless Commerce providers like Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Snipcart commerce layer and many others​

Headless CMS

Choose from a variety of headless CMS like Strapi, Sanity, Contentful, Directus and many others to suit your business need

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Headless is revolutionizing ecommerce around the world

Here are some of the top brands that have gone headless for an experience-led content-rich ecommerce experience.

Nike began to capture more market share than their competitor Adidas, turning them as the market leader.
Increase in conversion rate, as more users found it easier to make purchases.
The brand saw a 40% increase in mobile revenue and 20% increase in their conversion rate.
Users can place orders through Echo, which uses voice commands, and Dash, which handles orders specific to connected devices.
Their API-first architecture is multi-device compatible, addresses server-side performance issues, and was quickly adopted by development teams.
McDonald’s is taking headless commerce to new heights, from acquiring Dynamic Yield’s AI-powered personalization platform for web, app, and IoT to accepting WeChat payments.
Deliver impressive customer experiences for B2B, B2C and IoT-driven commerce with chatbots where necessary

The speed of headless VBB is being benchmarked by other fashion brands. In addition, it has improved development velocity and flexibility.

United Airlines was able to see a significant improvement in user flow, making it a seamless experience from booking to landing.

Let's build it together!

Build your headless eCommerce with Saleor

Build a headless e-commerce platform with Saleor for delivering blazingly fast, dynamic and personalised shopping experiences.

Content-first Headless CMS

Leverage the headless architecture to create the content-first, super-scalable websites with a LightHouse score of 100.