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Headless commerce with Saleor

Build a headless e-commerce platform with Saleor for delivering blazingly fast, dynamic and personalised shopping experiences.


Omnichannel, Ultra-Fast, and Dynamic Shopping Experience

Saleor creates create great-looking online stores which have all the features a modern webshop should have providing personalised shopping experiences. This rapidly-growing open source e-commerce platform has the most advanced and easily customizable admin dashboard to manage products, people, and functionalities. You can use Saleor whether you are a small, midsize or enterprise-level retailer with a physical or digital inventory.

Front-End Freedom

Thanks to Saleor’s headless approach, you can decouple the front and back end to start building your storefront as the way you want. You can either use the default PWA storefront, JavaScript SDK or build a client from scratch

Blazing Speed

Page speed and performance are crucial Google ranking factors and reasons why customers choose (or not) a particular online store. Saleor helps you delight users with a shopping experience that loads in a blink of an eye.

Offline Shopping

Saleor is available as both a typical online store and as a PWA application. PWA means that your customers can download your store to any device and browse it offline or when they have no internet access. They can also make orders and payments just like when shopping online.

SEO Efficiency

The front-end layer in Saleor shops is static, and Google favours static pages as they are fast, light and easy to scan for robots.

Integrate with your Favourite Tools

A completely customizable approach to eCommerce is far easier to scale than one bound by strict coding requirements.

Works on Any Device

Your online store will work seamlessly on all devices and screen sizes.