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Flutter App Development

We build flexible, high-performance & natively compiled flutter apps for Web, Mobile, and Desktop on time within your budget. 


Single codebase for Web, Mobile & Desktop

With Flutter, you get apps for iOS, Android, Web and Desktop from a single codebase which saves overall cost and time. Flutter saves many crazily time-consuming steps in app development which makes the entire process faster, simpler and less worrisome.

Same UI and Business Logic in All Platforms

Flutter doesn’t need any platform-specific UI components to render it’s UI, which eliminates any worries about the UI consistency on different platforms.

Reduced development time

Flutter provides a wide variety of ready-to-use widgets which are easily customisable saving development time  like no other framework before.

Increased Time-to-Market Speed​

A Flutter app require at least two times fewer man-hours compared to the same app developed separately for Android and iOS.

Similar to Native App Performance

Flutter application performance will be indistinguishable from the native app and even better in complex UI animation scenarios.

Custom, Animated UI of Any Complexity Available

One of the biggest advantages of Flutter is the ability to customize anything you see on the screen, regardless of how complex it may be.

Simple Platform-Specific Logic Implementation

Advanced OS-level features, such as fetching GPS coordinates, Bluetooth communication, gathering sensors data, permission handling, working with credentials, etc. are available in Flutter as ready-to-use plugins

Success Story


Music Wellness App Mishi

From small beginnings to big success! See how Wolfpack helped Mishi hit all the right notes with Flutter.

Build your MVP with Flutter


Using Flutter we will help you to reduce time-to-market and validate your idea faster. With one codebase, you will get both iOS and Android application. 

Apps developed on Flutter

Flutter aided in the creation of many modern applications, including Google Pay, Xianyu by Alibaba, My BMW, eBay Motors etc.,

Google Pay lets users pay bills, top-up phone data plans, buy tickets, get loans etc.
Google Ads mobile application that allows you to manage Google ad campaigns

Xianyu by Alibaba a used good items e-commerce platform from Alibaba

My BMW works as a universal interface to give users a smooth transition between their mobile device, automobile, and the digital world.

Hamilton Official app for the hit American Broadway musical

eBay Motors is a marketplace where you can find new and used automobiles.

Why is GooglePay re-written in Flutter?

The team estimated that it saved about 60-70% of the engineer’s time as Flutter is easier to manage. There were a lot of new features added, but still the codebase remained smaller by about 35%.