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Why is Saleor the best e-commerce solution for your business?

    Choosing the best technology for your eCommerce store is challenging and time-intensive. There are plenty of options out there, but as technology is constantly evolving, you must equip your store with tools that are long-lasting and future-ready. You want to give your customers a quick and easy shopping experience, however, customer expectations have changed as technology has progressed.

    Here’s where headless e-commerce platforms like Saleor come in handy. With Saleor, you can quickly adapt to and adopt your store to any new technology trends. Let’s talk about Saleor in greater detail.

    What is Saleor?

    Saleor is a headless, GraphQL-first open-source e-commerce platform for creating lightning-fast, dynamic, and personalized shopping experiences. It allows you to create elegant online stores that work on every device. 

    Saleor’s admin dashboard makes managing your products, orders, and fulfillment simple. And the best part is that Saleor is simple to deploy in businesses of any size including start-ups, SMEs, and large enterprises.

    Saleor also has the advantage of being available both as a normal eCommerce store and as a Progressive Web App (PWA). As a result, your online store can have the look and feel of a mobile app while still having the reach of a web app. PWAs allow users to shop offline without the internet, give push alerts to consumers, and perform better than a traditional web application.

    Saleor is built on Python and Django. It gives you a lightweight front-end driven by a GraphQL API and compiled with React and TypeScript. You can easily integrate it with your preferred CRM, CMS, delivery, and fulfillment service.

    Technology stack of Saleor

    Who should use Saleor?

    Saleor is enriched with cutting-edge eCommerce features and functionalities (described in detail below). There are many other platforms that offer the same but Saleor is the best option if you are one among the below,

    • If you are planning to launch a new online shop and want to use the latest technology rather than the traditional ones,
    • If your existing platform on WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or Magento is not meeting your needs,
    • If you would rather launch your own online store rather than pay for a third-party platform such as Shopify,
    • If you want to launch a multi-tenant, multi-language shop,
    • If you are a supporter of the open-source community

    Why Saleor?

    Saleor has all the features a latest online shop should have, But below are some of the distinct features that set Saleor apart from other platforms.

    1. Lightning fast

    The challenge with the majority of existing eCommerce stores is their page speed and performance. Slow page loading will increase customer bounce rate and lower Google ranking. Saleor enables you to load your website in less than 3 seconds and provide the finest buying experience to your customers.

    2. High-ranked SEO 

    Google loves fast websites and ranks them higher. The front-end of Saleor shops is static, and Google favors static pages since they are fast, light, and easy for robots to scan.

    3. Works on any device

    With Saleor you will get an online store that works on any device flawlessly.

    4. Complete UX customization

    With Saleor, you can customize your checkout process with complete design freedom. You can either use the default PWA storefront written in ReactJS, or JavaScript SDK or create your own from scratch.

    5. Scalable

    Saleor’s GraphQL-first approach provides a strong architecture that regulates information retrieval to the front end.

    6. Stable micro-services architecture 

    With proper microservices implementation, you will be able to separate each feature and avoid errors and vulnerabilities affecting the entire system.

    7. Multiple versions

    Saleor helps you to launch several versions of your storefront, simplify A/B testing, and make smart business decisions based on vital data.

    8. Integrate with your favorite tools

    Saleor APIs allow you to connect your favorite CRM, CMS, shipping, and fulfillment service, as well as future technologies such as voice search.

    9. Service integration

    Service-based architecture is the foundation of today’s internet. The Saleor e-commerce API prepares your products for use by third-party apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

    10. Secure

    The storefront of Saleor is static and has no connection to the database, dependencies, user data, or other sensitive information. You no more have to worry about your customer’s data, it’s safe and secure. 

    Advantages of Saleor as a PWA (Progressive Web App)

    As previously stated, Saleor functions as both a traditional eCommerce store and a PWA application. PWA has many advantages over traditional web applications, but let’s concentrate on the real advantages when it comes to Saleor and eCommerce.

    1. Increased customer engagement

    You can either use Saleor’s default storefront, which is built on ReactJS or can develop a custom PWA with any platform of your choice. In both ways, you can increase your page load time and customer engagement.

    Choosing  Saleor PWA results in,

    • 80% quicker time to checkout 
    • 20% lower bounce rate 
    • 2.8x greater conversion rate
    • Resulting in, a 9% increase in revenue per visit.

    2. App-Like Look and Feel

    Users can download your app directly onto their device from the website and you can also publish your app in the Google Play Store for greater exposure. Users can access the application from the device’s home screen, and enable full-screen experiences.

    3. Seamless offline operation

    The application works well both online and offline. Users can explore and buy products even when they are not connected to the internet.

    4. Push Notifications

    Like a native mobile application, PWAs enable push notifications, this will boost your customer engagement and result in more revenue.

    5. Lower development cost 

    People do not necessarily download a mobile app in order to purchase a single brand or a niche product. 80% of native applications are uninstalled within a week. Saleor PWA, on the other hand, provides an online store with native-app-like capabilities that do not require installation.

    Some of the top eCommerce websites built on Saleor 

    • Lush, a leading retailer of fresh, handcrafted cosmetics, has chosen Saleor as its global eCommerce platform. Saleor aligns with Lush’s ethical attitude to open source software and steers clear of enterprise-scale solutions.
    • Butterfly is an e-commerce platform selling health care products. Saleor facilitated them in expanding their services to more than 20 countries while causing no disruption to the existing system.
    • PrettyGreen is a fashion brand founded by iconic frontman Liam Gallagher. They’ve boosted the conversion rate to more than 30% using Saleor.
    • Patch helps you find the best plants for your space, delivers them to your door and helps you look after them. ​​Patch managed to acquire 25,000 customers within 2 years of launching their Saleor-powered website.
    • A-dam creates environmentally friendly products, and Saleor provides their customers with a user-friendly e-commerce experience.
    • RoomLab, The appearance of an interior design website is critical. And matching buyers with designers is a unique feature that other e-commerce platforms can’t provide. Saleor succeeds in both areas.


    Apart from the features mentioned above, Saleor has all the modules a modern eCommerce platform should have. Saleor gives you an omnichannel, ultra-fast, and dynamic shopping experience. And Saleor is suitable for online stores of all sizes, startups, SMEs, and enterprises.