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Node.js Development Company in India

Build blazingly fast, super scalable, and real-time applications with the #1 Node.js developers from India.

Fast, Scalable, and Real-time Applications with Node.js

We use Node.js to build dynamic, feature-rich, and secure online applications, APIs, real-time apps, and single-page apps for businesses all over the world. Build scalable and fast, real-time apps with the most experienced and knowledgeable Node.js development team in the industry.


JavaScript that scales. We make your code less error-prone and more readable with TS.


With GrapghQL we design fast, flexible, and developer-friendly APIs for complex systems and microservices.


The minimalist NodeJs framework enables structured development for faster applications.


Serverless enables automatic scaling, built-in high availability, increase agility and optimize costs.


Wolfpack endeavours to deliver unique Node.js development solutions to a diverse range of business verticals.

Backend Development for Mobile Apps

Node.js really shines in building data-intensive, fast & scalable network applications, and offers benefits in performance, and rapid development.

Single-Page Application Development

The asynchronous nature of Node.js makes it the best backend technology for SPAs. Combined with React.js as the frontend, we develop blazingly fast, and powerful Single Page Applications.

Real-time Web Applications

Node.js development services are the right choice for applications relies on lots of user interactions and real-time flow of data.

Chatbot & Instant Messaging

Node.js offers you the perfect framework and functionalities to build chatbots that can be used to engage with customers in real-time.

High-Speed Streaming Applications

One of the biggest benefits of Node.js is that it can be used for ultra-fast file processing and super-light uploading. This makes it suitable for live streaming services.

IoT Application Development

Develop cross-platform Internet of Things applications with Node.js, which can be used on smart devices. Node.js can rapidly process countless concurrent requests through numerous events that are released by billions of devices on the same network.

Hire dedicated Node.js Developers

Extend your team with our pre-vetted, senior remote full stack developers with strong technical and communication skills, ready to work in your time zone, at an unbeatable price.