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Build Endless Business Flexibility with MACH Technology

– the Microservices-enabled, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless technology of the future


MACH Technology

Our Mach-centric approach enables us to create next-generation business solutions that are fit for today and the future. The technologies that come together to form the MACH Architecture — microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native, and headless — create a fully open, modular environment that enables businesses to embrace innovation and adapt to change more rapidly and with less risk than ever before.


Microservices architecture is made up of a collection of tiny services that are used to build an application. Each service is created to perform a specific task. Additionally, each service may be built, updated, deployed, and managed independently, using distinct code. The services use lightweight protocols and communicate through the application programming interface (API) technology.

API Enabled

API-first refers to an application that was designed entirely with APIs and is focused on delivering content to omnichannel devices and client applications. An API-first strategy entails using an API description language to create APIs that are consistent and reusable, as well as a contract for how an API should behave.

Cloud Native

Cloud hosting offers a scalable infrastructure and all technology is automatically updated by the vendor. APIs enable flexible and secure communication and can be easily adapted and implemented across all channels for customers.


Front-end presentation is totally isolated from back-end logic with headless. Business technology can be a channel, programming language, and framework neutral because of this separation.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation solutions integrate AI and machine learning to streamline workflows, reduce manual tasks, and improve resource allocation. This boosts operational efficiency, cuts costs, and accelerates business growth without cutting-edge technology.

Reinforcement Learning

We provide expertise in Reinforcement Learning, an AI/ML method that trains agents to make decisions based on rewards and penalties, enabling businesses to optimize processes and improve performance.


The modular design of MACH solutions enables businesses to keep up with emerging technologies without undertaking multiple re-platforming projects. With MACH, you have the freedom to choose from the best technologies on the market that they can easily change to evolve the ecosystem as needed.

Endless Business Flexibility

Take advantage of the best tech on the market and create a best-of-breed approach for your business to build your custom solution instead of being limited. Moreover, since each microservice is self-contained, you could replace any of them with a custom or third-party service.

Deliver Customised Experiences

APIs enable the omnichannel delivery of content to any device, channel, or platform whether it’s a website, a mobile device, a software platform, an automobile, a VR headset, a voice-activated device, a Jumbotron, and anything else tomorrow’s technology brings. 

A Solution to Replatforming

MACH’s modular design allows organisations to keep ahead of any emerging trends. Switching to a MACH setup is the last replatforming project a business will need to undertake. 

Accelerated Time-to-Market

You can work with different parts of the product on a parallel track, which dramatically increases team productivity and accelerates software delivery, & shorten Time-to-Market.

Future-Proof Technology

With MACH architecture, you can make changes quickly and react to these changes and embrace new products and technologies that enhance the customer experience.

No More Rundown

Fault isolation is another benefit of a microservices architecture. If one of the microservices is down, the entire commerce solution will not go down as the other microservices should still operate.

Seamless Upgrades

Since each microservices can be changed independently, there is no technical need to package new features, patches, updates, and upgrades into more significant releases for rollout.

Reduced Costs

As each service can be scaled independently you no longer have to over-provision server capacity to anticipate demand, this enables you to optimise your infrastructure costs.

Examples of MACH Architecture


Amazon is the perfect example of an online retailer following the MACH architecture. The company has been using microservices since 2006 and now has thousands of microservices serving as the components for hundreds of user interfaces.


Uber is another example of a company that utilizes MACH technology. Switching its app from a monolithic platform to a MACH architecture has enabled the company to become the world’s largest ridesharing company.